I received a gift but my Secret Valentine decided not to reveal their identity. Can you tell me who that is? I really need to know!

Out of respect for our Customers and the choice they decided to make in regard to their identity we cannot provide you with this information. Enjoy the gift and know that you're very special to someone.

I've sent an anonymous gift to my beloved/friend. How can I tell if they got the gift?

If you decided to anonymously send a gift and you are unsure that the recipient actually collected the item, you can reach out our Redemption Terminal and ask for a redelivery.

I purchased as a gift but it got delivered to me instead, what went wrong?

The vendor starts a session with you when you first click it which lasts 65 seconds. If communication time runs out the vendor interrupts its connection with you and becomes available for a new session. Vendors will notify in local chat with reminders every 10 seconds and will notify about a session being expired. If a payment happens after a session expired the vendor will consider it as a regular purchase and will deliver to the purchaser. Please refer to our event guidelines.